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Do you make custom malas?


No, I'm sorry, I don't.

The malas that I make are one of a kind creations that I put a lot of thought and energy into. A lot of the gemstones that I use are hand selected and purchased at gem shows, so what I have on hand at any particular time varies. In addition, custom orders would add the element of time constraint in order to keep up with orders. Creating from my heart keeps the process of making them relaxed and peaceful, and I feel that energy transfers to the mala. They are not mass produced, and are on a first come, first serve basis. I believe this is what makes them special, and that every mala goes to the person that is meant to have it. Malas will be continuously added to the website so check back often.


How do I clean my mala?


There are two different ways to clean your mala. A soft microfiber cloth is great for cleaning and polishing the beads, but you must do it carefully. Malas are delicate and should be handled gently, so do not pull on it.

To clense the energy of the stones, place your mala in the moonlight, preferably during a full moon. This is a good and easy method that can be used to recharge all crystals.


Will the stones help my......??


I couldn't possibly know.  I can only give the descriptions of what they are supposed to mean. Crystals and Gemstones have held a place in cultural traditions for thousands of years, dating back to ancient times, and continue to hold meaning today.  They are are widely used for their believed healing properties, and everyone's experience is different.  The important thing to remember is that the information given is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent health related issues. Please consult a doctor regarding the treatment of any medical condition that you may have.
My own personal experience is that the practice of meditation with mala beads has been the greatest reward. Your mala is a symbol of the thoughts, affirmations, goals, and intentions that you put into it. When you look at it, meditate with it, or wear it, it should remind you of those things, and bring your focus back to them. It represents the deepest part of YOU. I think what you put into your mala is just as important as what you may get out of it.


My tassel is starting to look unkept


That's ok! If you find that your tassel is looking a little wild after being in the bag, you can easily fix it by wetting the tassel, smoothing it with your hands, and letting it dry. If for some reason that doesn't help, you can use an iron to straighten it out.



What do I do if my mala breaks?


My malas are strung on durable nylon cord and hand knotted for strength, but malas will always be delicate in nature. They are not meant to be pulled on, stretched, worn in the shower, or during vigorous activites. This can weaken and strain the cord. When not in use, place it in its bag for safe keeping.

It is said that a mala breaking is a sign of karma, and that particular mala is no longer needed. It is believed that you should move forward and set new intentions that will serve you better...however...

If your mala does happen to break, I will restring it free of charge (with the exception of shipping) within 90 days of the date of purchase. The good news is that because the mala is hand knotted, you will not have 108 beads cascading all over the floor. Just send the mala back to me, and I will fix it for you. While I will do my best to use the same color cord and tassel, I can not guarantee  that the exact same materials will be available.

After the 90 days, there will be a restringing fee of $30 plus shipping.




For secure payments, I use PayPal for all of my transations. To learn more about PayPal, please visit their website at   PLEASE be sure that the shipping address in Paypal is the correct address for you. I can not be held responsible for incorrect shipping information.




Continental US shipping only

All shipping is USPS Priority shipping, and will be sent 1-2 business days after transaction is completed. I will send you a tracking number so you can follow the status of your package.




I want you to be happy with your purchase. If you wish to return it for any reason, just let me know, and send the unworn mala or jewelry back to me within 14 days of purchase. I will refund you minus the cost of shipping.



Additional info:


While I have done my best to take accurate pictures of the malas on this website, please be aware that variations in color from photos can sometimes occur.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

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